The impact JAG Kentucky makes is best seen through our alumni stories.

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Upon graduation from Clay County High School, Khercie attended the University of Kentucky. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2013. Through the JAG program Khercie was able to identify her abilities and her confidence soared.

Carrying on the JAG formula of a strong work ethic and community service, Khercie served as a UNITE camp team leader and worked as a tech at the University of Kentucky Pharmacy while in school.  

Khercie graduated from the University of Kentucky's Medical School in May of 2017.  


We are proud of you Khercie!  

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Jessi Ray Muncy

Martin County/University of Kentucky Extension Office, Youth Director
JKG Class of 2005

"Before I was introduced to Jobs for America’s Graduates, like many of my fellow classmates, I was lost. I knew very little about the workforce world. Over the next two years, JAG became my reason for going to school. Without JAG, I would not be the person I am today. JAG taught me about job opportunities, colleges, and mostly importantly, about being MYSELF. If it were not for JAG, I would not know how to fill out a job application, build a resume, or be confident in a job interview. With the help of JAG, my classmates and I were prepared for extraordinary accomplishments.

Since graduation, JKG has remained an important part of my life. Without JAG, our future students will not have the advantages of excelling in this life-saving program. Many may not be lucky enough to find their reason for going to school like I did when I found JAG. This program is crucial to current and past members. If you want to meet some of most ambitious, driven, and hardworking people, then you should meet some of the remarkable people that this program helps!"

Samantha Spence

Physician’s Assistant, Floyd County Health Center

JAG Class of 2002

"Jobs for America’s Graduates dramatically changed my life. Upon entering high school I had no plans of college. At that time, there was not a single person in my entire family that had a high school diploma. Becoming a part of the JAG family opened my eyes to reality and life beyond high school. The program and a wonderful, caring mentor helped prepare me in public speaking, interviewing skills, and every skill needed to become successful. I continued my education earning an Associate degree in Science and Bachelor degree in Biology. I am now completing my Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies.
Jobs for America’s Graduates is EXACTLY what it sounds like. In June I will become a certified Physician Assistant and already have several job
opportunities. Witnessing my success, I have had many family members follow in my footsteps and become successful because of
this program—and yes, they too became high school graduates. Without JAG, I would not be where I am today.


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sheldon clark school marcie speacialist with mike, former jag ky student


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