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2022 CDC Chapter Events

Outstanding Chapter


1st Place: Phelps High School

 In the Outstanding Chapter event, each program is tasked to implement a plan of work with a focus on the development of leadership skills, career opportunities, and service learning among chapter members, and to document achievements in the form of an annual Chapter Book. This event is designed to recognize excellence. 

2nd Place: Martin County High School

MaCo Chapter.jpg

3rd Place: Bryan Station High School


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1st Place: Martin County High School

2nd Place: Barbourville High School

3rd Place: Morgan County High School

Service Learning

 The Service Learning event is designed to give students the opportunity to demonstrate the chapter’s ability to provide service-learning activities in partnership with their community.


Phelps High School, who took first place, had 56 students collaborate with their JROTC program and FRYSC Youth Service Center to send 15 care packages to deployed military soldiers along with 40 additional cards to other military personnel.

1st Place: Phelps HS

2nd Place: Lynn Camp HS

2nd Place: Morgan County HS

3rd Place: Martin County HS

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