JAG KY delivers learner-centered instruction to support youth in achieving their full potential. In upholding this promise, JAG KY is developing the talent Kentucky needs to fuel the economy with new members of the workforce who are both prepared and resilient. 


Top Barriers to Employment of the JAG KY 2018 Graduating Class Upon Entering the JAG KY program 


  • 45% Entered the JAG KY program with low academic performance 

  • 44% Entered the JAG KY program with a record of excessive absences, verified by school officials 

  • 30% Pre-ETS qualified 

  • 87% Considered economically disadvantaged as defined by receiving or eligible for free lunch, public assistance and/or TANF 

  • 25% System involved youth 


12-Month Outcomes of the JAG KY 2018 Graduating Class


 JAG KY Outcomes                                                             JAG National Standards 
  • Graduation Rate: 100%                                                                     90%

  • Positive Outcomes Rate: 85%                                                             80%

  • Total Civilian Placement & Military Service:64.68%                               60%

  • Full-Time Job Rate: 75.38%                                                                60%

  • Full-time Placement Rate: 80.77%                                                      80%  (combination of work /education/military)


While not a JAG Standard, it is worthy to note that 43%of JAG KY 2018 graduates completed one year of postsecondary education and/or training 12 months after graduation. 


Employment Impact 

A 2017 report conducted by the Center for Labor Markets and Policy at Drexel University found that compared to their peers, JAG graduates were 230% more likely to be employed full-time 12 months following high school graduation.  

Our Locations 

JAG KY is currently serving over 3000 youth, in 25 counties through 65 programs throughout Kentucky. 


Phone: 859-309-0844

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