JAG Kentucky Sees 46% Program Growth Beginning 2019


JAG Kentucky rang in the New Year by seeing its’ school-based programs grow from 37 to 54, a 46% increase.  This was the largest increase in the history of the organization which began in 1994 in Kentucky.


JAG Kentucky provides the employability and soft skills training for students who require additional support networks in order to graduate and become employable.  “We are very excited about the growth in programs, as this will allow us to serve more students and continue to impact more lives throughout the Commonwealth,” claimed Lisa Handziak, President of JAG Kentucky. “Each day we are working diligently to find more opportunities for our students to work and become confident in the skill sets each possess.  Our stakeholders, communities and especially our students will benefit from the services they receive through JAG,” added Handziak.


The seventeen schools, which were added to the JAG family will receive a JAG Kentucky Specialist who will provide year round classroom training in areas such as, resume writing, interviewing skills, telephone skills, problem solving activities, public speaking engagements and critical thinking exercises, designed to give the JAG student an advantage in obtaining jobs and being accepted to colleges and technical schools upon graduating from high school.


Here is a list of the seventeen (17) schools who began JAG Kentucky Programs in January 2019.


Bell County High School                                                                    East Ridge High School

Clay County Middle School                                                               Phelps High School

Edmonson County High School                                                        Pike County Central High School

Frederick Douglass High School (Freshman Academy)                Shelby Valley High School

Fleming County High School                                                             Northpoint Academy

Simon Middle School                                                                         Milestone Academies

Garrard County High School                                                             Taylor County High School (2)

The Central Academy                                     

Belfry High School


Our state and nation need high school graduates who are willing and ready to work.  Through JAG Kentucky, students throughout the Commonwealth have a bright future. The investment is important and for Kentucky the time is now.