Induction and Installation Ceremonies

This fall, JAG programs across Kentucky celebrated their Induction and Installation Ceremonies. I & I ceremonies signal the beginning of the membership year, celebrate new members and reinforce the commitment made by elected officers. 


The I & I ceremony is the most significant event of the Career Association", said JAG Specialist Bill Crockett. "It provides an initial look at the office team and members and a bonding opportunity for all stakeholders."

Career Association is a student-led organization for career minded students who are interested in preparing themselves to enter the workforce. Career Association activities are offered to develop, practice, and refine skills necessary for personal, academic and career success. The JAG Kentucky Career Association provides activities to help members develop the confidence and competencies needed to stay in school through graduation and achieve a successful transition from school to the workplace.

During the ceremony, the elected officers explain each of the four goals of the Career Association: Career Preparation, Leadership Development, Civic Affairs, and Social Awareness. Candles are lit as a symbol of the student's initiation. The president lights the first candle in the chain of light.  The candles represent membership in JAG Kentucky, and their hopes for future career success.

"I solemnly pledge that I will carry out to the best of my ability all of the duties and responsibilities of membership in JAG.
I fully understand and accept the purpose of this organization and I will conduct myself so that I shall
reflect honor upon the organization and will maintain high standards in my business activities."