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"I enjoyed being introduced to so many guest speakers and the opportunity to be offered an apprenticeship because of the mock interviews we participated in this year with JAG."

"Wyatt is a fantastic young man who is our JAG President! He brought humor, fun, and educational aspects to our class. He even taught one class about the A3 problem solving that Toyota uses! He will start at Qualex when everything settles down and they start back. He was offered an apprenticeship in welding because he impressed the interviewers so much in the mock interviews we did in class. I am sad to see him go, but so ready to see him fly!"

-Angela Morris, JAG KY Specialist

After graduation, Wyatt will start an apprenticeship with
plans to become a pipe welder. 



"JAG helped me prepare for the real world, after high school. It’s helped me learn how to properly get a job, how to be professional and most importantly how to communicate.

Through JAG I learned that even as a teen mom, you can overcome anything and finish school and STILL do what you dreamed about whether that’s going to college or getting a bigger job, anything." 


Liz is dedicated to graduating and committed to being a great mother!"
-Pashia Spalding, JAG Specialist 


Liz is currently working on applying to college and finishing her classes so she can graduate.


"I like JAG because it has helped me be more outgoing and figure out what I want to do in life. What I like about JAG is you can be open to your fellow classmates or JAG specialists about anything, and they will help you through it."

"Latoya is a member of the basketball team, volleyball team and dance team at LCHS. She is a great leader to her team mates and a support to her classmates. She gives an amazing effort in everything she does and is always willing to lend a hand!"
-Brooke Cain, JAG Specialist


Hi, I'm Hailey. I am the JAG public relations director at my school. I am also a Senior this year. While the end of my senior year is not going exactly how I planned, I’d like to share some great things about this year. This year I was chosen to represent my school as Phelps High School, Homecoming Queen. It was such an honor to be able to represent my school.

This year I have accomplished many things while taking college classes, participating in HOSA which I was chosen as HOSA president, P7, Unite, JAG, Volleyball, and cheer. I have managed to keep a 3.8 GPA through it all.

After High School, I plan to attend Big Sandy and begin my career as a Special Education Teacher. This is a job that is so important to me and close to my heart and I will do anything to make it happen. 

JAG has a been a huge part of my life the past two years. This group has shown me that it’s okay to be different, because being different shows how special you are. For as long as I can remember I’ve been known as the “ poor girl”, everyone always knew me just for being less fortunate. But JAG and the people in it have shown me that being the “poor girl” is okay. My life has been far from easy, but with the help of my JAG family they have made this crazy journey a little bit easier. I will miss my teacher & JAG friends more than anything. I hope they always know how special and loved each of them are. JAG has given me a family which I’ve so desperately needed over the years. I feel that JAG is a safe place for many children at my school, a place they can feel included and I am so grateful that the JAG program was brought to our school.