Student of the Week

Warren Central High School

“JAG got me ready for job interviews. I really liked the job fair we had at our school. I got to meet business people looking for good employees. JAG made me feel like I know what to expect when dealing with possible future employers. I believe I can talk to a future employer and give a good first impression. I feel very confident in filling out job applications as well.  Go JAG!


"I nominated Egypt because I have seen such a positive growth in her attitude towards school.  She has become a student who does her best on a daily basis."
-Joel Taylor, JAG Specialist


Egypt has a goal to attend Tennessee State University and become a social worker so she can help families.

Paris High School

“JAGKY has been one of my favorite classes in high school.  I love to lead and try new things and it has allowed me to plan a field trip, create our own sports awards ceremony, and challenged me to become the best version of myself.  The program is truly awesome.  I just wish every student would have a chance to take this class.  I have learned so much about myself and life by learning how to become smart about how I approach the next chapter in my life.  Now I feel prepared for college and the world of work.  I want to thank JAGKY for helping me become a mature senior who now knows I can do anything I set my mind to doing."


"I nominated Derek because of his leadership and dedication to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and in life. Derek has been the President of our Career Association at Paris High School. He helped create and produce the school's newest annual event, the PHESPYs.  This will be an annual sports award ceremony hosted entirely by JAGKY students. Derek has helped teach classes, assist peers in writing resumes, and encouraged other students to concentrate on building a future after high school.  I am very proud of Derek and I suspect we will see him achieve even greater results in the very near future. Paris High School is blessed to have Derek as part of its student body.  He is a classy young man with a very bright future"
–George Stafford, JAG Specialist


After graduation, Derek plans to attend Campbellsville University to major in Business Marketing and play baseball.

Fairdale High School

JAG has helped me become more prepared for my future in regards to jobs, credit, finances and etc. I really love JAG!


After graduation, I plan to attend college to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Animation to become a Director.

"I chose Kimberly because of her enthusiasm and commitment to JAG. Kimberly excels in the classroom and puts forth the best possible effort on all activities. Kimberly's creativity and generosity make her an outstanding student." - Renardo Foster, JAG Specialist

Magoffin County High School

"JAG has taught me a better work ethic, how to meet a deadline, and how to form great work and social skills. Along with this, it gave me a sense of self and family, which cannot be mirrored by any program like it. I have traveled more and participated as a leader more than I ever thought possible. I have gone from a person who fears social interaction to one who craves it, and for that I am forever grateful."


"Jillian is a excellent student and has really taken to the JAG model. Her work ethic and professional way of thinking is what sets her apart. She had a hand in almost all of the CDC event entries and has a clear vision for her future." -Larry Howard, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Jillian plans to attend UK and study either Secondary English Education, or Forensic Psychology.

Doss High School

"JAG has helped show me the real world experiences that I will have to face in the 'real' world. It changed my life for the better.

After graduation, I plan to finish my basic classes at JCTC. Then afterwards go to a 4-year college. Where I will continue my studies of becoming a Pediatric Surgeon.


"I am nominating Maliyah because she has come into our JAG program and has shown she is a proven leader.  She has taken initiative to work hard and plan out many of the programs activities.  Maliyah is a model student for JAG as well an Ambassador for Doss High School.  She exemplifies the true meaning of an all around student." -Damon "Doc" Butler, JAG Specialist

Korey     Sheldon Clark High School

"As a senior and four-year member of JAG KY, I have developed leadership skills that have molded me into a dependable, committed leader, both in and outside of the classroom. As the current SCHS JAG KY President, I have enjoyed all of the things I have learned, from service and leadership activities to employment interviews and public speaking!  Giving back to my community is very important to me and I have earned more than 450 service hours during high school.  My favorite project is the JAG KY Harvest Fest Speech Contest where we coordinated a public speaking competition that involved our entire school district and many in our community. 

Unfortunately, school didn’t really begin so great for me.  I had quite a few health issues which made being successful in academics difficult.  My grades were not good and my absenteeism was high and my mom, a JAG Specialist, knew exactly where I needed to be to get on the right path and it literally changed my life.  I am very proud to be a part of this amazing organization!”

"I always knew there was a reason JAG came to me all of those years ago, and I’m pretty sure it was because someday my own son would need it!  JAG truly brought out his leadership qualities and taught him the importance of giving back to the community.  I am very proud that Korey has become such a strong leader both in and out of the classroom!"-Marcie Hanson, Specialist


After graduation, Korey plans to attend Big Sandy Community and Technical College and then transfer to Marshall University where he will major in sports management and sports broadcasting.

Ethan      Clay County ATC

"I am very honored and grateful to be a part of JAG Kentucky.  JAG changed me into a more outspoken and outgoing person.  The program also helped me in the classroom and improved my confidence.  It taught myself and others that no dream is too big or small.  I've been a part of JAG Kentucky for two years, and it has been an amazing experience.  I would advise anyone not in JAG to check it out and consider becoming a part of the program. It helped me believe in myself and voice my opinion not only in the classroom, but in everyday life as well."


"Once I graduate high school, I want to pursue a degree in law enforcement.  My ultimate goal revolves around working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  That has always been my dream job.  JAG instilled the confidence I needed to make my dream a reality."


Ethan works diligently in the classroom, and always accepts any challenges or tasks assigned to him.  He readily confronts issues and shows a maturity rarely seen from a sophomore in high school.  Ethan possesses true leadership abilities and he utilized those same abilities to serve our JAG program the past two years.  Ethan participated in the National Student Leadership Academy in Washington, DC and recently told me he looks forward to attending next year.  He applied many of the leadership skills he learned at NSLA within our classroom.  Ethan truly has a bright future ahead of him.

Iileyah      Mayfield High School

"JAG has really helped me get more comfortable with my transition from middle school to high school." I'm really excited about the opportunities I have had and will continue to have throughout high school with the Career Association and JAG!"


"IIleyah is a really good kid that works hard at being the best person she can be.  I'm really proud of the growth she has shown this year and look forward to watching her blossom in the coming years."

-Mike Rogers, JAG Specialist

After high school, plans to attend college.

Lauren     Clay County High
JAG truly changed my life. During my freshman year in high school, I was not on the best path.
When I became involved with JAG my sophomore year that all changed. Through JAG, I gained skills such as leadership, communication, responsibility, and dedication that prepared me for life both in high school and after graduation. My specialist helped me realize that sometimes life hands you a certain deck of cards, but you chose how to shuffle them. Even when it seems impossible, I will achieve my goal of becoming the first person in my family to graduate college.

"As a new specialist, Lauren offered me guidance on JAG school projects, National Student Leadership Academy, and JAG State Career Development Competitions. Last year, she attended the State Career Development for the first time. During state competitions, Lauren competed in Job Interview and placed second. From day one, she proved to be an invaluable asset to the Clay County High School JAG Program. She never hesitates to step out and volunteer when a need arises. Currently, Lauren serves as vice-president. With this role, she promotes the idea of leading by
serving others. She seeks opportunities to help those around her especially the less fortunate."
-Sherry Crockett, JAG Specialist

Magoffin County High School

Chandler says JAG KY has opened his eyes to the world around him.


"On the JAG trip to Washington D.C., Chandler asked to visit a professional fire station because he is a volunteer firefighter. He is the inspiration and point man for our service project: Fire and Flood Safety Awareness." -Larry Howard, JAG Specialist

Upon graduation Chandler will enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

Haley  Frederick Douglass High School

"JAG has made me a better person overall by showing me that through hard work and determination I can make the world and my life better than my current circumstances, and I have the ability to lead in any capacity that I choose to."

"I am nominating Haley as she has shown so much promise and growth in all areas of her life since the beginning of the school year. She has taken on several leadership roles within JAG including the role as one of our CA secretaries, and is heading two of our upcoming PBL's. Haley is currently working part time at Marshall's. Haley is not ashamed of her failures nor telling her story of how she is overcoming numerous obstacles to reach her goals.
-Laranda Smith, JAG Specialist 

Upon graduation Haley plans to attend Paul Mitchell the school to obtain a license in Cosmetology. She also plans to obtain a nail technician license, eventually become a cosmetology instructor and own her own salon.


Iroquois High School

"JAG has helped me become a better leader. It has also helped me become a better communicator, as well as highlighted the importance of working with a team.  Prior to JAG, teamwork was something I looked at as trivial but after joining JAG I now understand that teamwork is essential to becoming successful." 

"I am nominating Aneya because of her commitment to excellence in everything she does. She continues to excel in JAG and always manages to exceed expectations regardless of the task she is given. I believe she is an accurate representation of what the model JAG student should be." -Chris Peters, JAG Specialist 

Aneya plans to attend a 4 year college/university to major in Criminal Justice in pursuit of a career as a Criminal Defense Attorney. 

Cheyenne       Graves County High School

"Jag has allowed me to learn job skills that I can use to gain employment after graduating from High School." 


"I chose Cheyenne because of the hard work she displays in the classroom. Anytime another student needs guidance or I need a volunteer for a project she is the first to raise her hand.  She displays all of the qualities of a young woman who will be successful in her life after high school." -JAG Specialist Tyler Debernardi

After graduation Cheyenne plans to attend a four year university and major in Social Work.

Frederick Douglass High School

"JAG KY has had a huge impact on my life.  I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone especially as it relates to public speaking and meeting new people.  I feel like I have a lot more confidence and am a lot more outgoing than I used to be.  I have also enjoyed hearing guest speakers because it has opened my eyes up to multiple career paths that I was unaware of. "

"Jesus has been an incredible student since day one!  He is a pleasure to have in class and he is always willing to contribute.  I am nominating him for student of the week because I believe he displays incredible leadership day in and day out!"
-Scott Morgan, Frederick Douglass Specialist


After graduation Jesus plans to attend Eastern Kentucky University.


Warren County High School

"JAG has been a great experience for me. It has helped me with time management and how to organize and prioritize my time. The work in JAG does not seem like assignments, but how to improve my actions in the real world. I feel much more confident about filling out job applications and college applications since we have gone over some examples in class. I always look forward to my 2nd period class. JAG is the best!"

"I nominated Savanna for her positive attitude and her work effort. Savanna is a student who is such a pleasure to work with, and she is a great role model for her peers." 
-Joel Taylor, Warren Central Specialist


After graduation Savanna plans to attend the local community college and is interested in the medical field.


The Academy @ Shawnee
"Since being in JAG, I am a little more excited about coming to school. The stuff I learn in the JAG class makes me think more about my life after high school...

I really can succeed against the odds.

"Besides being a super smart student, Robert has an awesome personality. He uses his smarts and witty ways as he engages in class and it brings out the happy in us all. Since the 30 Day Challenge, Robert has stepped up his game and I am looking forward to him stepping up into a leadership role in the Shawnee JAG Career Association." -Melody Hill, JAG Specialist 

After graduation Robert plans to attend college for Computer Electronics.


Paris High School

“JAG helps students prepare for their future in a way no other class can. JAG is helping me learn how important teamwork is, creating an opportunity for me to connect with others, and preparing me for the real world. I believe it is one of the most essential classes a student could take in high school. Blessed to have this class on my schedule.”


"I nominated Kelly because of her work ethic and determination to succeed at a very high level in the JAG program and in life. Kelly has been a shining star for JAG Kentucky and all of her peers at Paris High School. Kelly helped plan the JAG field trip to the University of Kentucky for her class and did so with professionalism. I know great things are in store for her in the future.  I am very proud of Kelly."
–George Stafford, Paris HS Specialist


After graduation, Kelly plans to attend the University of Kentucky to major in Pre-Law.


Fairdale High School

"JAG has helped prepare me for my future career in Sports Medicine. It has given me opportunities to learn about a variety of careers and life after high school."

"I nominated Harrison because of his commitment and enthusiasm for the JAG program. Harrison was eager to be part of JAG KY at Fairdale High School in our first year of existence, which led to him being elected as our Secretary. Harrison is also an outstanding student-athlete for our baseball team. I enjoy having Harrison in our program and I am excited to see his future success." -Renardo Foster

After graduation, Harrison plans to attend Lindsey Wilson College to major in Sports Medicine and play Baseball.


Magoffin County High School

"JAG KY is an amazing organization that has helped me realize how important my grades really are and how they could affect my future. I have a GPA of 3.85 which I plan on increasing throughout the school year. I've gotten to know the advantages and disadvantages of being part of a team and how important team work really is. Since I was five years old I've dreamed of becoming a veterinarian.  JAG KY has helped me narrow the list of colleges I would be interested in once I graduate.

Taylor's t-shirt design  won and is worn by the Magoffin County High School JAG class.

"I nominated her because of her perfect attendance, 3.85 GPA, and she is our Vice President for Leadership Development. She also designed and did the art work for our local JAG Shirt." -Larry Howard

Danville High School

"JAG has been great for me because it helps me think about what I want for my future. 

It has helped give me confidence in my classes and allowed me to meet new people."  


"This is Sierra’s first year in JAG and she already embodies what we envision for our students.  She is an incredibly hard worker in the classroom, always giving her best on every single assignment.  Sierra does an incredible job of managing her emotions and seems to always been in a positive mood.  I consider myself lucky to have a student like Sierra in my class." -Ryan Adams, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Sierra's plan is to go to college and pursue a medical degree.

Doss High School

For my 1st year becoming a member of JAGKY, it has been very helpful to me and my future endeavors.  JAG KY is preparing me for a successful career in Business Finance & Marketing. The field trips, guest speakers and my JAG Specialist has had an early impact on what it takes and the steps that I need to be successful."

I’m nominating Jamari because of her leadership skills and willing to become more involved in JAG, In her 1st year. She is Senior and is one of the top girls basketball players in the state of KY. She is also a Student Ambassador for her school. "


After graduation, Jamari plans to attend the University of Louisville and play basketball and major in Business Finance & Marketing. 

Jasmine Sheldon Clark High School

The future isn’t a gift.  It is the result of our achievements.  My JAG specialist teaches us that giving up or not putting forth your best efforts is NOT an option.  After four years of dedicated participation, JKG will always be a part of me and has instilled the tools I need to be successful.   My future belongs to me.  It IS what I make of it and with JAG as my guide, I will NOT be afraid to chase my dreams!”

"As a four year member, officer and current JAG-KY chapter president, Jasmine has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to Sheldon Clark High School’s program.  She has competed in three JKG State Career Development Competitions, earning three individual, four team, and six chapter first place awards.  Through her drive to provide service to the community, Jasmine has already earned more than 300 service hours during her high school years through a variety of JAG-KY projects.  Her leadership serves as an model for every program participant. As a side note, Jasmine’s mother Andrea is a former member and officer of Sheldon Clark High School’s JAG program, as well! "  -Marcie, Sheldon Clark Specialist

Jasmine plans to major in social work at Eastern Kentucky University.

Shay     Mayfield High School

"JAG is new to me and I am real excited and honored that I was chosen to participate in this wonderful program.  Being selected as one of the first Student's of the Month for JAG is a tremendous honor!  Thanks to Coach Rogers and all my teachers and staff at Mayfield for pushing me to be the best student and citizen that I can be."

"Shay has started off her JAG journey with incredible buy in and can be counted on to be a team player. She has learned, very quickly, that communication is a vital tool in improving as a student and person. I am proud to have Shay in class and Mayfield High School is proud that she is representing our school and community as the JAG student of the month!"

     -Mike Rogers, Mayfield High School JAG Specialist

Shay in undecided on her plans for the future as she is just a Freshman in JAG at Mayfield High School.  She is really interested in Nursing but has not limited herself to that field.  

Elijah    Clay County ATC

"I think the most valuable lessons I've learned in JAG relate to self-confidence, public speaking, and the leadership abilities I've acquired. Participating in the JAG National Student Leadership Academy provided the necessary skills I lacked in the aforementioned areas.  I had never really practiced soft skills before my experience in JAG Kentucky.  The JAG program taught me how to correctly perform a job interview, speak in public, and become a leader within my school and community."

          "Once I complete high school, I plan to enroll at Eastern Kentucky University and pursue a degree in criminal justice.  My career goals center around law enforcement.  My ultimate goal involves pursuing employment at Manchester FCI which is a federal prison located in my hometown.  The prison has really good benefits and an excellent retirement plan.  I hope that I can be an example for the inmates and hopefully change their lives for the better.  Due to my background, I think that I could relate to them and show them what they could do to better themselves."


          "I'm nominating Elijah because he embodies everything JAG Kentucky represents.  Elijah faced numerous obstacles as a freshman.  I've witnessed an amazing transformation take place in this young man's life during the course of the past three years.  Elijah possesses tremendous leadership qualities and his success speaks volumes about JAG Kentucky.  I have no doubt that Elijah will reach his career objectives and become a productive and responsible member of society." -Bill Crockett, JAG Specialist     


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