Student of the Week


Johnson County Middle School

“JAG class taught me skills that I will use in my everyday life. JAG has also helped me improve in my math classes. Through the career exploration in JAG, I now know that I want to become a cosmetologist."

"Hollyn has shown exceptional attitude in JAG class; as well as our CA. As a JAG student, Hollyn sees the big picture and makes connection between JAG course work and how it may be applied to the real world. "  -Marsha Colvin, JAG Specialist


After high school graduation Hollyn plans on attending Cosmetology School and hopes to own her own hair salon.

Hailey Drew

Barbourville High School

“JAG has helped me in so many areas of my life. It’s helped me the most with social skills, grades, and attendance. My JAG specialist, Cathy Sue, has helped me by being there for me to talk to when my anxiety flares up. As a junior I look forward to having another year in JAG to help the new students settle into this great program at our school. I also look forward to getting to know my Specialist better, and also to learn more skills to help me in my future.”


Being in JAG has prepared me for the work world and life after high school. JAG has taught me skills I need to have to be successful. The lessons helped build my courage up so I could find a local job. The time spent one-on-one with my specialist in interview preparation and practice helped me obtain my first job. Now I have a whole new world opened up for me that I would not have considered before.”

“Teaching JAG at BHS has been an honor and privilege. The most incredible part of being a JAG teacher is the connection made with students through mentorship. “HD” has been one of the students who has fully committed to the JAG model, and is thriving. She has made significant growth personally and I could not be prouder. From helping with after school snacks community service program to leadership as Career Association secretary, she has poured her heart into JAG. She’s one outstanding young woman, and I cannot wait to see where life takes her after high school.” -Cathy Sue Smith, JAG Specialist

After graduation in May, 2020, Hailey Drew plans to attend college with a desire to study psychology in hopes of becoming a therapist/counselor. She is very interested in attending the UPS Loop program in Louisville.


Paris High School

"Determination, dedication, and dignity; that is what I thank JAG for. In the two years I have been in this class, I have learned how to set goals and work hard for them. The dedication to my goals is key and I should always believe in myself. My first day of JAG, the teacher called on people to juggle in front of the whole class to break us out of our shell. He called on me, and I unhappily went to the front of the class and embarrassingly attempted to juggle, and failed. However, since that very moment, I learned how to get out of my shell through this class.


JAG helped me choose the right college and helped me through the applying process. I also learned about taxes, controlling my money, how to write a check, and other important things that my peers and I would never learn at home.


Thank you JAG, and thank you to Mr.Stafford and Mr.Bruce for helping me become who I am today. I owe it all to you all."


"Kelly has been my brightest, and hardworking student. She has made the process of me being a first year JAG Specialist and first year teacher a great experience. She has lead the majority of our projects and fundraisers. I would recommend Kelly to any JAG program and future endeavors."

-James Bruce, JAG Specialist

After high school, Kelly plans to attend the University of Kentucky and major in the health sciences in order to become a dentist.


Morgan County High School

"JAG taught me the skills needed to prepare for and be successful at a job. It helped me learn about important skills needed to succeed following high school and I feel career ready.
JAG changed my life by helping me build stronger friendships. It helped my communication skills and now I am more social and outgoing."

I am nominating Brooklyn because she has taken advantage of everything learned within JAG and applied it to her life. She has always shown respect to others, is kind, efficient, and hard working." -Nicole Perry, JAG Specialist


After graduation Brooklyn plans to attend MCTC to complete her general education requirements and then transfer to Morehead State University to study Vet Science.


Success Academy

"JAG has really made an impact on me since I have been a part of it. It showed me the true definition of leadership, team-building, and how we should conduct ourselves in the community. I have done so much outside of school in my church and neighborhood. JAG also gave me a voice. Closed mouths do not get what they want nor can they make anything happen. JAG challenged me to speak on what I feel is right for me.


JAG has done so much in my life... I am no longer shy and that is the most important thing. I learned leadership is all about stepping up and making a change. I was super shy and would never speak up about anything. I absolutely love talking/speaking to others now, thanks to JAG!

JAG made me rethink my college options. I was not sure if I was going at first but now I want to! It inspired me to want to do so many things, such as owning my own business and helping girls who don't have a motherly figure growing up." 

"I am nominating Madison for her leadership quality and her voice which she uses among her peers. I can always count on her to gather the troops for projects and assignments. She has truly been and extension of myself in the classroom. Madison has stepped in as President of the Career Association and is full of ideas and energy and I look forward to see these plans come into fruition." -Jason Lewis, JAG Specialist


After graduation Madison wants to attend college for business, marketing or accounting. She also has dreams of getting a certificate in cosmetology and opening her own business. 


The Learning Center

"JAG has made me reconsider my future and strongly consider career opportunities. JAG has also made me aware of opportunities after high school and different ways to obtain success."

"I am nominating Owen because he is a trustworthy student who attempts to do everything the right way. He is very respectful, kind and courteous to his peers. He is excelling the JAG program, but more importantly he is excelling in all his other classes."

-Marcus Harris, JAG Specialist

After high school, Owen plan to attend Sullivan University and obtain a culinary degree. His favorite quote is "You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi.


Tates Creek Middle School

"JAG has taught me so much this year, it is by far my favorite class.  I have learned about who I am as a person, how to control my anger, my emotions, and lots of other stuff.  I have learned how to bounce back from tough times in life, how to be mindful, and how to be prepared for school and later a job. JAG has prepared me for my future and taught me things  none of my regular classes ever have like how to see life differently, and to be more positive."  

"I am nominating Akasha because she exemplifies what it is to be a JAG student. Akasha always has a smile on her face, she's willing to help others, and is always willing to go the extra mile for others. She gives 100% in everything she does, and encourages others in class to do the same.  She is a model student is every sense of the word, and is a great friend to all." -Zach Whitehead, JAG Specialist

After high school, Akasha plans to go to college and become a lawyer. She has always loved politics, the court system and helping people.


Danville High School

"With my hectic schedule, JAG has allowed me time to focus on future plans and time to complete the steps. JAG has also helped with my stress management.  The class has really allowed me to step back and reflect on what’s ahead and am I prepared for the task."


" Ivy is an amazing young lady. Even with the time commitment and pressures of basketball, she is always at school with all of her coursework complete. With all of her successes, she remains humble and very polite. She is a great representative of our school and the JAG program."

-Brent Beauman, JAG Specialist

Ivy completed her high school career scoring 2505 points and being named Region 12 Co-Player of the Year. After graduation she plans to attend college and play basketball while studying pre-medicine.


Leestown Middle School

"JAG KY has improved my speaking and communication skills. It has made my goals clear."


Family Care Center

"JAG has taught me valuable things I’m always going to need in life such as responsibility,  time management, reaching your goals, striving for higher goals, teamwork, communication skills, and leadership skills. There is one person that I have to thank for teaching me this and so much more. She has helped with my internship, my FAFSA paper, with grants and encouraging me to use my strength to its full extent. She’s just a great person in general and I’m always able to count on her to talk to and ask for advice. Thank you Ms.Christman."


"Rosa is an excellent student, and bright young woman with an amazing future ahead of her. It is a privilege to have a student with such potential.  Rosa exhibits instinctive leadership abilities every time she enters a classroom. She is respected among her peers, and teachers alike."
-Shannon Christman, JAG Specialist


Rosa plans to pursue a degree in Nursing after she graduates from high school. 


Lexington Traditional Magnet School

"JAG has taught me new things like how to get a job. I feel more prepared to look and prepare for an interview. I also feel proud of my heritage after learning more positive things about Black History during our lessons on diversity. We have taken great field trips, and I even learned how to bake cookies for my teachers.

"TaShon has a warm and welcoming personality, I’m convinced he has no clue what an enemy even is, he is adored by the staff and students here. He is eager to learn and has an excellent work ethic. He is acing all his classes despite a learning disability and isn’t shy about speaking even though he has a speech impediment. Despite all the hurdles he has to overcome on a daily basis as a seventh grader, he finds a way to have this optimistic outlook on life. It is an honor to get to know him, teach him, and nominate him for this honor." Cory Spaulding, JAG Specialist

After middle school TaShon plans to stay drug free, play high school football, get good grades, and learn how to drive. After high school he plans to pursue a career in law.


Bryan Station High School

"JAG has taught me how to react to certain situations in a better way. Without my JAG Specialist pushing me to be a better person all-around every day I wouldn’t have reached this point. I have a special bond with my JAG specialist and JAG classmates. I feel like it was the missing piece to the puzzle here at school. Being a part of JAG has helped me remain focused all around because I know what I do today will determine my future.”


"I'm nominating Keason as student of the week because he is the epitome of a leader as the JAG Vice President. Keason’s bubbly personality is always a joy to have in the classroom. Keason has worked diligently throughout this school year to make sure the JAG program stands out  at Bryan Station High School." -Devon Cheatom, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Keason plans to attend Georgetown College and major in Education. He hopes to become teacher.


Frankfort High School

(Panther Transition Academy)

"JAG has taught me a lot during my short period of time being in class. Two important skills JAG has taught me are communication and decision making. Both skills I’ve learned in JAG have helped me throughout the school year and with my home life. JAG has also taught me many other things that will play a role in my future.  I am proud to be a part of the JAG program. We are all family and no one is left out."


“Viktoria has shown so much growth in the classroom and in her decision making. She is evolving into a vocal leader in the classroom and has one of the most energetic spirits. I know if I need a task completed or an idea for a community service project, she’s the first to jump on it. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that Viktoria puts in everyday that she comes to school. Keep up the good work!” –Butch Jointer, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Viktoria wants to attend college and study to become a Registered Nurse.  


Lynn Camp High School

"JAG has changed my life in so many ways. It taught me to be a successful leader and changed my outlook on life and the way I treat others. JAG gave me so many opportunities and I would like to thank my specialist Mrs.Cain for allowing me to be in this program, it has really taught me a lot about life, responsibility, and leadership. Jag has became a big part of my life and I'm always eager to come to this class and to see what our next session is about.
When I first walked into JAG I was so scared and too shy to talk to anyone. Now I'm so open to others, more outgoing and I overcame that stage of being shy. In the few short months I have been in JAG it has been amazing and so inspirational. Everyone is so helpful and kind, and we have the best guest speakers. We develop our self values and gain maturity and see the impact it can have in our lives. JAG has impacted me in everything and for that I am so thankful!"

"I chose Alexis as student of the week for so many reasons! I have completely watched her come out of her shell over the last few months and become a key part of our Career Association. Alexis is forever coming up with creative fundraising ideas, community service projects and other activities to help build our JAG program at Lynn Camp and draw positive attention to our Career Association. Alexis always participates and gives 110% to everything she does and most importantly she is always willing to give a helping hand to her fellow students!" 

-Brooke Cain, JAG Specialist


Frankfort High School

"JAG Kentucky has given me an open view on the outside world and what it's like to be in the workforce after I graduate high school JAG has changed my life because it's helping me decide what I want to do after high school.

"I chose Lashawn because he comes in each day with a positive attitude and frame of mind. He is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done." -Brenton McNear, JAG Specialist

After graduation Lashawn plans to work and says college is a definite possibility.


Livingston Central High School

"JAG Kentucky helped me learn about different jobs and how to develop my job skills."

"I chose Christa because she of the time and effort she put into being a JAG leader. She has done so well keeping her grades up and working at her part time job." -Jennifer Henson, JAG Specialist

After graduation Christa wants to become a therapist.


Winburn Middle School

"JAG Kentucky has changed my attitude and thoughts about life. "

"The reason I chose Kylah for student of the week is her dramatic transformation. She is a born leader and it is evident in the classroom. Since she started the program her focus and preparation for life after high school has increased."-Carrington Walker, JAG Specialist

After Kylah finishes high school she plans to attend college and study forensic science. She hopes to become a forensics detective.


Bryan Station High School

Being in JAG has changed Demya's mentality to think like a leader and not be a follower. Before she started JAG Kentucky she felt like she didn't have any direction or hope for college. JAG gave her assistance in applying for college and that extra guidance by keeping her on the pathway toward success.

Also, since joining JAG she indicated her life has changed tremendously. Prior to joining, she didn't want to do any work or come to school. Now she looks forward to coming to school.

"Demya is currently my JAG president and enjoys being a positive role model for all her fellow JAG peers and instilling in them the mindset of "never giving up". The reason I selected her is because she has made tremendous strides in improving her life in all aspects. She has persevered through all adversity that has hindered in or prevented her being successful. She set short-term goals  for herself  and accomplished them. She has aspirations on pursing her education in college." -Anthony Green, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Demya plans to go to Cosmetology school and be a entrepreneur and start her own  business for a hair salon. She also wants to go to school to be a social worker and help children through situations she has experienced.


Estill County High School

"JAG taught me how to be a better person and be committed to something." 

"Tori helps out in a variety of ways with JAG. She helped set up our t-shirt fundraiser and tries to encourage people to get involved with JAG.

This is her second year in JAG and I believe next year as a Senior she will grow even more as a JAG leader." -Adora Williams, JAG Specialist

After graduation Tori hopes to attend UK to study Physiology and Sociology.


Lexington Magnet Traditional School

“I never thought  JAG would help me in any way , but I realized it teaches me about real life and what I will have to do in real life to make it and be successful. JAG has made me a better person and taught me to be a leader to every student. JAG has changed my life because it shows me so many qualities of respect and leadership .  Also JAG is a place where you can tell them anything, no matter what you have done. They accept you for who you are. They want you to be yourself no matter what. JAG teaches you so many things you can use in real life. If you keep all these things they teach, you will be successful."

"Camryn Burton is a leader who exudes grace, poise, maturity and leadership in and out of the classroom. Camryn isn’t ashamed to say she has had obstacles to climb but also not afraid to say she was able to overcome them. I nominated her as student of the week because of her leadership quality and her heart of gold. This student is a great example of why JAG has been created. She is determined to go far and I am determined to see her to the finish line." -Pashia Spalding, JAG Specialist


After graduation, Camryn plans to work and go to college for a master’s degree. She hopes to pursue a career in Mental Health and help children in need.


Johnson Central High School


"JAG Kentucky has helped tone my skills in job applications, resumes, and interview etiquette among other job readiness skills.  It has also provided me with a whole cast of fun, vibrant classmates that I look forward to working with every day."  


"The reason Carson was nominated is multi faceted. He is a school leader, involved in several extracurricular activities some of which include FCCLA treasurer and part of the school drama cast with which he has performed in several productions. Carson is very active in Johnson Central High School JAG, always eager to play an important part in any activity we participate in. He definitely is a JAG student who deserves this recognition. -Mike Castle, JAG Specialist

After graduation Carson plans to go to a culinary school and get a bachelors degree in Culinary Arts. He hopes to open a restaurant in Hawaii.


Frederick Douglass High School


JAG has provided me with endless opportunities. Being part of JAG for such a short period of time has inspired me to be the best student I can be. From our inspiring guest speakers, to our small group and discussions within our classrooms, JAG has taught me it's not what you go through-it's how you persevere and get through it .

Before joining JAG I didn't really have a push as far as education. I allowed my current circumstances to dictate my future. But JAG has changed that and put me in the right direction. Not too long ago I was announced and awarded the role as the JAG Treasurer at our Initiation Ceremony. This really has opened my eyes , and allowed me to take on responsibility that I've never had to take on before .
The Frederick Douglass JAG Staff are the best , they encourage us and most importantly they don't give up on us. Recently a peer of mine was talking negative about themselves and their future. My teacher Mr.Poe stepped in and said something along the lines of "Man , It's your decision. Everything in life will not be easy , we've all gone through something , it's how you get up from it ".  That's all teenagers need- for someone to believe in us and push us in the right direction.


JAG has changed my life tremendously. It has opened my mind to looking at other perspectives because in the world, everyone will not agree with you on everything.  JAG has also changed my life by showing me money shouldn't be an obstacle when trying to move on to post-secondary education. They've brought in guest speakers who share with us full-tuition opportunities. 

JAG has allowed me to see there are multiple ways to overcome certain situations and most importantly, it has taught me that I am not alone. There are many students, even adults, who have similar situations they've had to deal with.

After graudation, Daikerra plans on attending an HBCU out of state majoring in Psychology, and minoring either in Foods and Nutrition or Food Science . She hopes to earn a PHD and start a culinary psychology practice.

"Daikerra exhibits all the characteristics we want to see out of our JAG students. The consistent display of leadership, a determination to be successful, and a positive attitude will help her conquer anything she wishes. Daikerra is a absolute joy to have in class and is on a wonderful path to any career she chooses." -Jeffrey Poe, JAG Specialist


Graves County High School


"JAG  helped me to learn job skills as well as how to communicate with others.  It  taught me how to be a leader and how to be a successful member of my community.  JAG has changed my life in many ways, but the main one is it has given me the ability to obtain employment by using the skills I have learned in JAG."

"I am nominating this student because she is the perfect example of a JAG student. She has been a three year member of JAG and is a leader in our school building.  Any time a task needs to be completed she is the first to volunteer and always gives her best in anything she does. After getting to know her and working with her these past two years I can say with confidence that Kaylee will be successful in anything she does."

-Tyler Debernardi, JAG Specialist

Kaylee plans on applying to the University of Louisville to major in Psychology.  


Clay County High School


"Over the past three years, JAG taught me so many things that are sure to play a major role in my upcoming future. Through JAG, I learned skills in decision making, communication, resumes, and interviewing. I am so thankful to be a part of the JAG family."


"Ashley possesses all the characteristics a teacher looks for in a student. She shows compassion for those less fortunate, leads by example, and empowers fellow students to do the same. Ashley never fails to go above and beyond when asked to complete projects or organize Clay County High School JAG events. She is the first to volunteer with community service projects. Whatever path Ashley chooses after high school, I’m certain she will excel."  -Sherry Crockett, JAG Specialist


Upon completion of high school, Ashley plans to attend Berea College to major in criminal justice and pursue a career in the field of law enforcement. 


Frederick Douglass High School/Carter G. Woodson Academy


 "JAG has activated a leadership aspect of my life that I believed I never possessed."

"Hezekiah is a second year JAG student. Last year Hezekiah would sit very quietly in class and rarely ever participate. This year, Hezekiah has made a tremendous change in his leadership. He participates in class discussions, spoke up in class about leadership, was elected to a CA position, and spoke at the I&I Ceremony. Hezekiah's other's teachers have also talked about the change they have seen in his other classes. Hezekiah has become a respectful young man who cares about and encourages his classmates and is striving to be the best he can be."- Laranda Smith, JAG KY Specialist

After graduation Hezekiah wants to pursue a career as a cinematographer or movie director. 


Warren Central High School

"JAG has given me confidence in applying for jobs. I feel more prepared and less nervous when filling out applications. 
JAG has helped me prepare to get, keep and maintain a job.  JAG ROCKS !!


My plans for after graduation are to have a part-time job as a receptionist at a local salon. I also want to attend cosmetology school. 
I really want to be a hairdresser and own my own salon one day."


"Lindsey is a wonderful student who has such a positive attitude. It is an absolute pleasure to have her in class." - Joel Taylor, JAG KY Specialist


Fairdale High School

"JAG KY helped prepare me for post-secondary education and pursue other avenues I had not considered upon entering.
JAG taught me about life skills and how to do things I never knew about."

"I chose Madison because of her leadership and commitment to the JAG program. Madison has displayed great effort in the classroom and an eagerness to always learn new things. Madison's maturity and persistence in all things she does will afford her the right to accomplish all her 
goals in the near future." 
-Renardo Foster, JAG Specialist 

After graduation, Madison plans to attend college to become a nurse.


Magoffin County High School

"I enjoy JAG because it has taught me communication skills and how to be a good leader. I’ve made new friends and helped others find their future careers. JAG has taught me the importance of team work and family values.”


"Matthew is hard-working, very dependable and very social. He belongs to several clubs  and was just chosen by his peers
to be our career association president.' -Larry Howard, JAG Specialist 

After graduation, Matthew plans to attend college but is keeping his options open.


West Jessamine High School

"JAG KY has helped me realize that adult life is coming up and it’s time to focus on college and what I want my life to be. JAG has helped me understand that you never know what someone is going through so always be there for people.  Being a part of JAG definitely makes me feel like I’m important and people are always there for me when I need them. It helps me with my attitude and the way I see life."


"In just the short month that I’ve gotten to know the students at West, McKenzie has really stepped up and shown she is ready for leadership opportunities.  She was one of the first students to apply for the Tech team at West and was chosen to be on that team.  I see McKenzie as a future leader, not only in this class but at West. She works hard in her classes and on the field as she is a member of the varsity cheerleading team.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for this young star." -Ryan Adams, JAG Specialist 

After graduation, McKenzie plans to attend EKU and major in law. She hopes to become a defense attorney. 


Doss High School

"JAG  is making a measurable difference in the outcomes of public education and workforce development systems across the country.  They believe in me. They believe that I am capable of extraordinary accomplishments and that I can change the world.  As a whole, JAG has educated me more on life after high school (college and career).

Even though I've never felt this way about school, JAG is helping resolve our country's dropout and transition problems by helping young teens overcome barriers to graduation from high school to be college and career ready. JAG has taught me more of what I need to l know to be a successful human being and work hard for what I want. JAG is developing me into a future leader for families, employers, my community, and country.

After high school, my plans are to major in vocal music at the Juilliard School of Music in New York. It is the #1 performing arts college in the world.  And I want to show that I too am on that level. If not Juilliard, then I would like to study at a top rated HBCU. I would like to thank Doss JAG and Coach Butler for placing me in the program. It has really opened my eyes as a black teen in America of what I can be, how much I matter, and the difference I can make. Thank you for nominating me as  JAG student of the week!"

"I'm nominating Chase as student of the week because of his strong commitment to the JAG program. Chase has stepped in his 1st year and has made strides of showing his leadership skills and efforts of being loyal JAG member. Chase is a very talented student that is involved with many programs and activities at Doss."- Damon Butler, JAG Specialist



Sheldon Clark High School

“If there is one thing in which I have been involved in high school that taught me the importance of being a leader and set a tone for my future, it is definitely JAG KY. I have been a hard-working member and officer of Sheldon Clark High School’s Career Association for four years and am so proud of all that my JAG team has accomplished.  My specialist Mrs. Hanson taught me to be bold and fearless and always do my best at whatever task I take on. Traveling to the JAG National Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C. three times has truly been one of the greatest adventures of my life. I have met leaders in government and business, taken part in leadership activities with JAG students from across the country and toured some of the most incredible places this great nation has to offer!  Most importantly, I got to do ALL of this with my JAG family and it doesn’t get any better than that!”


“Autumn is a perfect example of JAG’s ability to empower and enlighten the youth of this state.  When she arrived in my classroom, speaking in front of class was a challenge, but now, she is representing Sheldon Clark High School and JAG KY in front of state and national leaders and is always the first person to step forward when a project is discussed.  During her first three years of high school, she has earned more than 300 community service hours through JAG KY activities with many more to come in her senior year.  Autumn is a proven leader inside and outside of the classroom.”

--Marcie Hanson, Specialist


After graduation, Autumn plans to attend Eastern Kentucky University where she will earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and then go on to earn a master’s degree as a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner. 


Clay ATC

"JAG taught me numerous leadership skills and how to work with others in a professional setting. Thanks to JAG's Career Development Conference, I'm more confident in my abilities to not only arrange a job interview in person, I'm also prepared to choose a college upon graduation from high school.
JAG completely transformed my mindset and outlook on life. I'm more outgoing and open to communicate with new people. 
 I now enjoy participating in extracurricular activities.  As a member of the tech team, I'm responsible for not only myself, but our entire JAG program."


"Whitney possesses a heart of gold. She shows great compassion for her fellow classmates, and always goes above and beyond to assist others. Once Whitney decides to accomplish something, nothing will prevent her from completing her task. I've been fortunate to have Whitney in my JAG program the past three years. Her future looks very bright."  -Bill Crockett, JAG Specialist

After graduation Whitney plants to enroll in college and ultimately gain employment as a forensic pathologist. 


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