Student of the Week


Elkhorn Crossing School

"Being part of JAG has helped me be more prepared to apply for jobs and be a more responsible worker.  I like that the lessons and activities we do in JAG will help me in life.”

"I am nominating Ashton because he has shown a great deal of maturity, independence, and improvement in his attitude this year. He is proud to be in JAG, and I appreciate his enthusiasm for educational opportunities.  I look forward to watching him continue to grow and begin taking dual credit courses at Bluegrass Community and Technical College during his senior year." -Amanda Burrows, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Ashton plans to serve a two year church mission, but his location has yet to be assigned. After that, he hopes to get a lacrosse scholarship and study communications and sports management.


Barbourville High School

"JAG has taught me priorities and how to do the right thing. It's taught me the proper way to meet and greet people. It's emphasized things for my future like college and getting a good job."


JAG has made me a better person. I used to be different with bad grades and not paying attention to people. Now I feel like I am a better person. I try harder on everything, including classwork and homework. I've grown in a lot of areas in my life and I think that is mostly because of JAG."

"I am nominating Austin because he is a student who has grown tremendously since he started the school year, particularly in the area of maturity. This fact has been mentioned by Austin's former middle school teachers. One teacher made a point to let me know that Austin presented himself in a professional demeanor when demonstrating/practicing the GNAP (greeting, name, association, purpose) for a recent JAG class assignment. Furthermore, Austin's thinking skills are thoughtful and reflective. He is engaged in class and asks questions that are both deep and insightful. I look forward to the remaining years with him in JAG at BHS!" -Cathy Sue Smith, JAG Specialist

After graduation Austin plans to join the US Army and said, "I want to be an Army mechanic. I would like to be a part of the military, and hope I can join and serve my country."


Family Care Center

"JAG has supported me and helped me figure out my future career and pushed me to be a better mother and person for myself."

"I am nominating Haley because she has fought through adversity and rocked it. At the tender age of 17, Haley has managed to work, go to school and manage motherhood. She has taken every trial that has come her way with grace and poise. She completed the Family Care Center Parent-Ed program in December and moved into her own apartment. Truly defining success against the odds." -Pashia Spalding, JAG Specialist   


Haley plans on going to BCTC in the Fall and to continue to provide a better life for her daughter.


Fleming County High School

"Being in JAG has helped me learn to be responsible for my actions and make good choices. It has also taught me how to work with different types of people and how to be a better leader.

JAG has impacted my life by teaching me communication and leadership skills. No matter what I do in life, I will have to be able to communicate and work with others. By being in JAG, I feel more comfortable doing so."

"I am nominating Jonathan because he is a great student and leader in our school. He is involved in many activities and stands out in all of them." -Bill Spencer, JAG Specialist

Besides JAG, Jonathan is involved with the football team, basketball team and baseball team. He is also an accomplished welder in our welding classes. After graduation, Jonathan plans to become a Game Warden or State Trooper.


Casey County High School

"JAG has helped my follow my career path. It showed me what jobs were best for me. It also showed me how to respect people and get a good job. JAG has made an impact on me because it helped me find myself."

"I am nominating Ellen because her growth this year has been remarkable! Ellen is a very intelligent young woman whose potential is limitless. She stepped out of her comfort zone to become a member of my social media team and has proved to be a huge asset. I know she has a great future ahead of her and I can't wait to see her succeed. I want to let Ellen know how proud I am of the strong independent woman that she is. She has the ability to do amazing things if she continues to believe in herself!" 

-Bridget Merriman, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Ellen hopes to obtain a career as a tattoo artist.


Johnson County Middle School

"JAG has taught me that there are correct and incorrect ways of doing things in the workplace. I have learned important soft skills, like the correct way to introduce yourself. As the CA treasurer, I have learned how to handle money, fill out multiple receipt forms, make deposits, and choose profitable fundraisers. I will always remember my classmates, my teacher, and the things I have learned in class."

"Savannah has been in JAG for two years, and time after time, has proven to be a wonderful student and caring person. Savannah is a natural born leader. She is the first to volunteer to help with JAG projects or to assist other students in class. Both dependable and trustworthy, Savannah has the qualities of a JAG student that we, as teachers, strive to instill in all our students." -Marsha Colvin, JAG Specialist


Morgan County High School

"JAG has helped me in so many ways to better myself. I have made so many new friends as well as expanding my social, ethical, and work skills to prepare me for life after high school. JAG has helped me to overcome anxiety surrounding work and connecting with my community. Since starting JAG I have felt confident enough to both apply for and obtain a job. Also I have overcome fears of interacting with people and learned to not only try to help others improve but also to improve myself."

"Ashley is a second year JAG student. I am nominating her because from her first day, she has put so much effort into our program. Ashley cares about JAG and takes pride in it. She has utilized the skills learned in JAG and continues to grow."

-Ms. Nicole Perry, JAG Specialist

After graduation Ashley plans to continue working and take phlebotomy courses to further her education.


Casey County High School

"JAG has taught me leadership by putting me in a leadership role. I am now the Vice President of Career Development with our Career Association. It has also prepared me for when I enlist."

"David is an exceptional young man whose potential is limitless! From the day he stepped foot in the JAG classroom, I could tell he had a heart of gold and a strong work ethic. As the year has progressed, he has only continued to prove this right. He has a desire to enlist in the armed forces and I couldn't be more proud of him!  I am excited for what the future holds for David and know that whatever goal he sets will be a goal achieved!" -Bridget Merriman, JAG Specialist

After graduation, David plans to enlist in the military.


Garrard County High School

"JAG has taught me how to be a better person and to help me understand what to do as an adult. It has also taught me how to be more involved in helping my community and how to be a better help to other students in my school.

JAG has impacted my life by showing me how to improve my leadership skills and how to succeed in life after high school."

"Jessica represents what JAG is all about. She has used what she has learned in the classroom to apply, interview, and get a part-time job. She has become a leader in the school, and has also been a model student here at Garrard County High School." -Jimmie McCulley, JAG Specialist


After graduation, Jessica plans to attend college to become a Neonatal nurse practitioner.


Elkhorn Crossing School

“Being part of JAG will help me make important decisions this year before graduation.  I know my specialist will help me apply for college, expose me to resources and tutoring to improve my ACT score, and offer me support when needed.  I am also excited to make new friends in JAG and to participate in the Career Association.  I am shy, so being part of JAG is helping me gain confidence and leadership skills.”

Sarabeth has been a student of mine for the past two years. When our school added the JAG program and I switched positions, she was the first student who came to mind to participate. She is always kind to others and helpful to teachers and staff, and I am excited to see her grow as a leader this year. What I admire most about Sarabeth is her determination to improve in areas when she struggles and her willingness to try new experiences.Her future is bright!" -Amanda Burrows, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Sarabeth plans to attend Bluegrass Community Technical College for at least two years. She likes working with people and animals, and these interests will more than likely influence her career choice.


Belfry High School

"JAG has taught me leadership, help me excel in school, and help me view careers in a different light. Being apart of JAG has opened me up to different people, and shown me how to be a great leader and peer to the rest of the student body." 

"Marki is a great school leader. No matter the situation or assignment, she can work well with others and lead them. She seems to lift up students who struggle and is one of the most well rounded students in the school." Ryan Chapman, JAG Specialist

Marki recently became the schools homecoming queen and vice president for the JAG chapter at Belfry. After graduation, Marki plans to attend Morehead State University and major in Medical Imaging.


Phoenix Horizon Community

"JAG has helped me understand that there are so many opportunities for me that I didn’t know about. JAG has given me hope for my future. It has allowed me to see so many different paths I can take."

"Henry is an amazing student! I have known him for a couple years and he has grown in maturity and I see a true leader in him! I know with JAG he will thrive and be a huge success! He never says no, even if he has to learn something new to help you, he will do everything he can to help. I see huge amounts of growth for Henry by the end of this year!" -Angela Morris, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Henry plans to start on the path to success.


Simons Middle School

"JAG taught me self-discipline. I am more driven and conscious."

"I am nominating Megan because I have seen a big change in her since JAG. She has gained confidence and shows more enthusiasm and school spirit. Megan was in the JAG program last year. This year she has taken new JAG classmates under her wing to help them." -Linda McKee, JAG Specialist

Megan will be in the Beta Club this year. She is also on the girl's basketball team.

She hopes to become a preschool teacher.


Clay ATC

"JAG improved my ability to socialize and interact with not only my peers, but more importantly representatives from business and industry. I'm more confident than ever in my public speaking abilities and job interview techniques. If I had a job interview today, I know I could represent myself in a professional manner.

After enrolling in JAG, I gained an extreme amount of confidence related to communication skills.  I'm now at ease in any type of social setting, and I'm no longer hesitant to put myself out there. Most importantly, JAG taught me how to be a leader.  As president of my JAG Kentucky chapter, I intend to utilize those skills to the best of my ability. I can't wait to see what JAG has in store for not only myself, but my fellow JAG classmates."

"I'm nominating Jon based on the tremendous leadership skills he exhibits on a daily basis. Jon readily accepts challenges head on, and truly attempts to better himself each day in my classroom. Furthermore, Jon possesses an unrelenting drive and competitive nature rarely seen in someone his age. He strives for perfection and serves as a reminder that you can achieve any goal if you simply work hard enough. I'm both honored and fortunate to have Jon as our JAG president.  Jon's future path will take him anywhere he chooses to go.  He has unlimited potential for growth, and his ability to adapt in pressure situations will serve him well." -Bill Crockett, JAG Specialist 

After graduating high school, Jon plans to attend Somerset Community College and pursue a degree in carpentry. He is currently enrolled in a dual-credit program with Somerset Community which provides a great head start on his future. 


Estill County High School

"JAG KY taught me how to be responsible and be a better me. It has taught me leadership skills and how to be more confident."

"I have seen growth in Madalyn since being in JAG. I have known her since she started high school with STLP. JAG has helped her be more confident and a leader."
-Adora Williams, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Madalyn plans to attend BCTC and hopes to become an english teacher.


The Academy @ Shawnee

Jesse is a senior at The Academy @ Shawnee and is a 3rd year JAG student.

“JAG has done a lot for me. JAG is the reason I do work in class now and I am glad I joined.  After I graduate I can see myself doing Real Estate and maybe even going to college. Ms. Hill keeps telling me to focus and work hard”.


"I am nominating Jesse because he has grown so much over the last 3 years. He started as a kid who didn’t want anything to do with class but now he is a JAG leader. Jesse has a positive attitude and is always willing to help out. He is working hard on his Employability Skills and has a bright future ahead."
-Melody Samuels-Hill, JAG KY Specialist


Kaw Su

Henry Moss Middle School

"JAG has taught me to be a better, more productive, and aware student. My academics have always been paramount however, JAG has provided an outlook for life after school.
Although I'm only a 7th grader JAG has impacted my life. It is the class I look forward to daily and get excited wondering what we will be doing next." 


"I am nominating Kaw Su because she is the model student, always having a great attitude and outlook on life. She does not make excuses and is always outgoing and willing to help and assist others. Her outlook is a bright future with success in the waiting. She is truly deserving of this recognition."
-Darren Bowen, JAG Specialist

After graduating high school, Kaw Su plans on attending medical school to study neurosurgery.


Barbourville High School

"JAG has changed me. It has helped me to be a better person and a better man. It has helped me to talk better and get along better with people. It's helped me to be a better person with my family.

JAG has helped me because now I want to come to school. Before I was in JAG, I didn't have a reason to come to school, but now I do. I missed so many days of school but now I don't. I belong here. My connection with Cathy Sue (JAG specialist) has been part of that because she's here for me everyday."


"I nominated Haydon because of the change I have seen in him since last January when we started the JAG program at BHS. Haydon has matured in many ways, and it is evident by others in our school. His attendance has improved, as has his attitude toward school, his work ethic regarding school work and his grades. The change in him is something I wanted to acknowledge and praise! He is a true country boy. He spends his time fishing, hunting, riding four-wheelers and listening to country music. None finer in my eyes than Haydon!"
-Cathy Sue Smith, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Haydon plans to become a mechanic. He also plans to continue raising farm animals with his family. 


Phoenix Horizon Community School

“JAG has taught me how to take ownership and charge of my future endeavors.

I can see that the opportunities are endless."

"Wyatt is showing great maturity and potential for success. He is excited and willing to learn anything. He is an outstanding young man! He is also our Social Media officer. He has set up our Instagram and will be in charge of all information pertaining to our page. " -Angela Morris, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Wyatt plans to attend college or find a career that he can enjoy.


Phelps High School

“ JAG has helped me become more confident and more outgoing. It has helped me make friends.  When I started out in the class I only had a few friends but because of JAG I have gained many more.  JAG has showed me that I can be anything I want to be and has provided me so many opportunities.   JAG is awesome because we are all important there.  JAG is my favorite class!  JAG has changed my life because I now understand my worth and what I can contribute to the world."

"I am nominating Ariel because she is a great student, hard worker and has become very dedicated to the JAG program.  Ariel always strives to be her best and completes all task successfully.  Ariel is motivated and enthusiastic about JAG and takes her Tech Team position very serious.  Ariel is very dependable and an overall great kid." -Gaina Howell, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Ariel plans to become a cosmetologist.


Phelps High School

“ JAG has helped me become more confident and more outgoing. It has helped me make friends.  When I started out in the class I only had a few friends but because of JAG I have gained many more.  JAG has showed me that I can be anything I want to be and has provided me so many opportunities.   JAG is awesome because we are all important there.  JAG is my favorite class!  JAG has changed my life because I now understand my worth and what I can contribute to the world."

"I am nominating Ariel because she is a great student, hard worker and has become very dedicated to the JAG program.  Ariel always strives to be her best and completes all task successfully.  Ariel is motivated and enthusiastic about JAG and takes her Tech Team position very serious.  Ariel is very dependable and an overall great kid." -Gaina Howell, JAG Specialist

After graduation, Ariel plans to become a cosmetologist.


Lynn Camp High School

"JAG has made me who I am today and it plays such a big part in my life. When I wake up for school in the morning, the first thing that pops into my mind is what will we be doing in JAG class today. Before JAG, I was shy, I didn't care about much of anything and I had a bit of an attitude. When I started paying attention in JAG class, I realized I was getting something out of it. The things I said, the way I looked at others, the way I handled things, it all began to change. I now know I can become anything I want to be or do the things I dream of doing. I know I can do it now thanks to JAG and most importantly Mrs. Cain."


"I am nominating Lillian for so many reasons. After being in my class for a few short months I watched her blossom from a student who barely spoke to anyone, into a student who not only wanted to create ideas for classroom activities but also wanted to lead those activities.  Lillian goes above and beyond to help her specialist, other school faculty and staff and also her fellow career association members. It is not uncommon to see Lillian in the cafeteria after lunch assisting the custodial staff with clean up or sitting with a peer in the classroom assisting them with completing their schoolwork. She exemplifies what I think we are teaching in the JAG classroom with her leadership skills, work ethic and kindness to others.  Lillian does all of this while also working a part-time job and also assisting with care for her elderly grandfather." -Brooke Cain, JAG Specialist


After high school graduation Lillian wants to begin working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and would like to move out on her own. She would like to continue her education in the healthcare field while working part-time.


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