Student of the Week

Janna Mei

Barbourville High School


"Now I find myself mere weeks away from graduating from high school. I have worked hard and applied myself to my studies. This year, because I had nearly all my required coursework completed, it was suggested by the guidance counselor to consider joining JAG. I asked questions of others who were in the JAG program, and the program sounded interesting to me, so I agreed. I am so glad I did. I have learned so much in this year in JAG that I would have otherwise not known. I feel like JAG has placed me a step ahead of my peers who have not been in JAG. For example, I feel as though I now truly understand the importance of having solid work ethics. I am confident doing my resume and completing job applications. Because of JAG, I feel more prepared for life after high school. Even with virtual classes most of my senior year, I have gained more than I even imagined. I am thankful for JAG. I even find myself envious of the underclassmen who have multiple years in JAG."