Students Continue Cooking/Nutrition Class Via Zoom

Before the pandemic and dismissal of in person classrooms, JAG Specialist Angela Morris and Crystal Beitler from the Food and Agriculture Department at the University of Kentucky linked up to offer cooking/nutrition classes to JAG students at Phoenix Horizon Community. After the dismissal the students and instructors really wanted to continue with the class, so they met through zoom every Tuesday and Thursday. The class taught nutrition, budgeting and cooking. It was a great way to keep in touch with the students and see how they were doing. 

Scott County schools allocated a budget for their JAG programs, which allowed Ms. Morris to purchase the food items to provide for the class. Ms. Beitler’s program provided healthy, tasty menus and the cooking utensils (cutting mats, measuring cups, strainer, nutritional facts etc.) On Mondays Ms. Morris prepared for the week. She did the shopping, packaged the student meal kits, and delivered them to her students. The program is an alternative education program and students are spread throughout the county, so Regional Leader Laranda Smith also helped to reduce her travel time and lighten the load.The principal of Phoenix Horizon Community and Smith attended every zoom cooking class.

"We found out this program is offered in many of the 120 counties in KY, and have passed this information along to the JAGKY team for others to utilize within their JAG programs.", says Smith. "The students love the cooking class. Believe it or not we have a junior who is now interested in culinary arts after graduating next year. Ms. Morris is on the hunt for a program that will allow him to shadow during his senior year of high school. She goes above and beyond for her students and her dedication should be recognized."


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