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2022 CDC Team Events

Creative Decision Making


1st Place: Martin County HS

Jonathon Allen, Sophie McCoy, Hannah Muncy, & Savannah Young


2nd Place: Morgan County HS

Madison Ansart, Sydney Benton, Jayden Frisby, & Quenton Moore

In the Creative Decision-Making event, teams are given a potential problem or issue and have 30 minutes to analyze the problem. At the end of the preparation time, teams have eight minutes to present their solution to a panel of judges. This event aims to inspire members to be proactive and utilize higher order thinking to solve complex problems.


3rd Place: West Jessamine HS

Mason Clark, Sia Corum, Angelina Gruntovskaya, & Sydney Sayasane

T-Shirt Design

Together We Can (5).jpg

1st Place: Alexandra Winstead

Great Crossing HS


2nd Place: Laranda Francis,

Raven Pearson, & Sarah Sargent

Phelps HS

3rd Place: Wendy Montesinos

Graves County High School

Project Based Learning Showcase

The Project Based Learning (PBL) teaching methodology is the center of the presentation in this event. PBL is a key component to the JAG advantage to create student led projects that instruct the JAG competencies. The presentations emphasize how PBL has positively impacted chapter activities and/or enhanced learning in the classroom.


1st Place: Jaylee Deskins, Jayla Dials, Emily McMillan, and Wesley Young

Martin County HS

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