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What JAG KY Students Say

“Becoming a part of the JAG Kentucky family opened my eyes to reality and life beyond high school.” 

Deon Payton

Phoenix Horizon Community

Kailynn Fryman

Phoenix Horizon Community

Samuel Euler

Phoenix Horizon Community

Marcello Benford

Phoenix Horizon Community

Hailey Skeens

Kentucky Community and Technical College System Student
JAG KY Graduate Class of 2020

Dr. Khercie Smith, MD

University of Kentucky College of Medicine


Upon graduation from Clay County High School, Khercie attended the University of Kentucky. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2013. Through the JAG program Khercie was able to identify her abilities and her confidence soared.

Carrying on the JAG formula of a strong work ethic and community service, Khercie served as a UNITE camp team leader and worked as a tech at the University of Kentucky Pharmacy while in school.  


Khercie graduated from the University of Kentucky's Medical School in May of 2017.

Alumni Gallery

sheldon clark school marcie speacialist with mike, former jag ky student
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