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What do students say about JAG KY?

 Hailey Skeens 

 JAG KY Class of 2020 

 CNA/HHA at Williamson ARH Hospital 

 Phoenix Horizon Community 

 Samuel Euler 

"JAG KY has taught me there will always be opportunities and chances to take. Being apart of JAG KY has impacted me in the best way possible. After being bullied last year, my JAG class became my safe place where I knew people cared about me."

 Phoenix Horizon Community 

 Marcello Benford 

Bailey Picture.jpg
Currently a student at University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering 
JAG has helped me tremendously in preparing for my post-secondary life. Giving me the soft skills needed for college or the workforce, I felt secure for whatever path I chose. During high school, I utilized soft skills learned from my JAG class and landed a part-time job. When I decided to go to college, JAG invested in me with a scholarship to help pay for schooling. This allowed me to pay for books and utensils for my classes which was an amazing help. I’m very thankful to JAG for having my back through my journey these last couple of years.

 Bailey Smith 

 JAG KY Class of 2020 

 Studying engineering at U of L 

Emma Stacy2 - Nicole Perry.jpg

 Morgan County High School 

 Emma Stacey 

Mei Jina La Fary photo .jpg
"I have learned so much in this year in JAG that I would have otherwise not known. I feel like JAG has placed me a step ahead of my peers who have not been in JAG. For example, I feel as though I now truly understand the importance of having solid work ethics. I am confident doing my resume and completing job applications. Because of JAG, I feel more prepared for life after high school. Even with virtual classes most of my senior year, I have gained more than I even imagined. I am thankful for JAG. I even find myself envious of the underclassmen who have multiple years in JAG."

 Janna Mei Smith 

 JAG KY Class of 2021 

 Barbourville High School 

 Deon Payton 

 Phoenix Horizon Community 

One of the main things JAG has helped me with is being more open and outgoing.  I have found a confidence that I did not know was inside me. It has also helped me figure out what makes me strive to be a better person. A good thing about JAG is it's for everyone, there are no barriers to JAG, everyone is accepted with open arms. This is an amazing program that has helped me to become who I am today. I have suddenly realized that through being myself in the JAG classroom and being confident and supported I can do the same in the world.  

 Sassie Mitchell 

 Lynn Camp High School 

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