Where Are They Now?

A look at JAG KY Graduates


Autumn is a full-time student at Big Sandy Community and Technical College. She is majoring in Nursing. Here's what she had to say about JAG KY:


"As a four-year member and officer of Jobs for America’s Graduates at Sheldon Clark High School, my life completely changed as a result of my experiences.  I am no longer the quiet, shy girl in the back of the classroom afraid to even speak out in class.  I am a passionate leader who knows no boundaries to my success.  I traveled to Washington, D.C., twice, met governors and senators and business people who are changing our world through their actions every single day and learned the skills that have prepared me for my future career. JAG KY is my home and will always be my saving grace." 

Autumn Mills SCHS.jpg


Daikerra is a freshman at Fisk University in Nashville, TN. She is majoring in Psychology. Here's what she had to say about JAG KY:

"Jag has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Teaching me that although you’ve had obstacles in your life, you can overcome them. 

JAG has helped me in so many ways. For example, JAG helped me create my resume that I will be using for a work study job interview! JAG has set the tone and prepared me in life by teaching me those real world experiences and lessons that all students should know. Knowing how to write a check, JAG taught me that! Being able to help manage a store, JAG gave me that real world experience that maybe students who aren’t in JAG might not have received! I am a very firm believer, IF and WHEN you are a student of JAG, you will become college ready, financially literate & even have some skills that you didn’t recognize you had such as public speaking skills, networking. JAG has done it for me and they surely will do it for you!